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My Goals

June 26, 2012 1 comment

This is what I hope to achieve. It is not a typical post. It’s the first post, so I can do whatever, right?  😉

One of my blog rules is not to be self-indulgent. But another is not to ignore inspiration, and I’m feeling inspired right now. The resolution of this seeming paradox is that soon enough I will write about my vision for this blog and how it will benefit you. Maybe in a few weeks, which is when it will go public anyway. But for the today and the now…

One of my goals is to understand goals: the books Psychology of Goals and Success are on my to-read-soon list in my mind, to be followed by much practice at setting daily goals and then “real goals”. But less facetiously, I basically want to be awesome. Or at least great. I don’t feel I have to be a shining star, except at maybe one or two things, but I do feel like I should have some minimum standards in all areas of life to collectively skyrocket the quality of my life.

Here is what I want:

  1. To spend some time reading. A lot of time reading. And not just “reading” — systematically reading, writing, memorizing, practicing-and-logging….
  2. To spend some time socializing.
  3. To spend less time online. And to never fritter away hours at a time online.
  4. To spend some time being creative. Writing and maybe music.
  5. To earn money.
  6. I want to work on specific self-improvement projects…  and succeed! What I mean by that is I want to focus on one thing at a time and lock in gains.
  7. I want to keep everything organized, eliminating 80% of uncertainty and the associated stress and worry.
  8. I want to spend only a few hours a day inside, much less in a basement! Hah!
  9. To give some attention to my body. It could be so much more fit. I…  kind of want six-pack abs. It may be shallow. For now I’d settle for basic fitness.
  10. I have to have a lot of energy. Both to accomplish these things, and as an intrinsic good.
  11. Along with 10, I need to stay motivated by reading small doses of inspiration. Sounds cheesy, huh?
  12. I want to have intellectual conversations with deeply intelligent people, but also casual, even flirty conversation.
  13. To have enough control over my emotions — to not to get all weepy and depressed.
  14. Along with 13, to act alpha, not beta. That may sound pretentious or cliched, but what I basically mean is to uphold some standards, grit my teeth and decide I’m worth it (not inadequate or unworthy) and be confident.
  15. To start taking control over my day-to-day life by building up to a trusted system of daily goals, scheduling a realistic but challenging six days out of seven.
  16. To have a weekly review to start making weekly goals and to have a weekly cleaning ritual to keep organized and tidy, and to do nothing else that day.

What It Boils Down To

A lot of reading–especially reading to learn how to read, get organized, not procrastinate, set goals, have social confidence, work out, and change (or replace) bad habits. Learning for self-improvement projects.

Energy, less time online, earning money, confidence and the I’m-worth-it attitude, less time inside, emotional control, socializing, inspiration, fitness, creativity, organization, daily goals, weekly review+clean.

Here’s My Mind Map

It’s not exactly related. There’s hardly a 1:1 correspondence, and I made this mind map a couple weeks ago. But I think it has potential, and I thought I would share it. It’s basically a mind map of all the areas in my life right now (currently incomplete).

Click here to view. It’s public.

What I Need To Do To Get What I Want

Needless to say, before I can move forward with any of my desires and make self-modifications, I need to have some idea of where to start and what to do. I’ll probably have to start slowly in all areas, by establishing minimum standards, and do some research before attempting change in any of them–at least if I expect it to be successful. As Self-Directed Behavior (a book I’ll be writing about: it’s amazing and I don’t say that lightly about books, especially textbooks) would say, before rashly diving in, you must first observe yourself, then formulate a plan, then plan to update the plan based on new evidence.

The next several posts will each focus on just one of those areas listed above that I wish to improve in.

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