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The week of GTD

In place of weekly goals, I have a weekly goal: getting myself much closer to GTD (as a model for organization). I have so many cool things I could do, but I’m sick of making little gain on multiple things….   because I’m not yet organized or productive enough to make gains on multiple things. So this week is just the one thing.

It’s also just the one post. I’ll be updating every day Tuesday through Friday though. Two notes: (1) I’ve already made some headway getting to GTD and (2) I have non-getting to GTD goals, which are in the second half of this post; I’ll cross these off as I complete them, with the day completed.

GTD Goals:

1. Completely clear out my Gmail, turning everything into actions, projects, or adding to either ‘reference’ or a ‘tickler’ file (and figuring out how to implement one).

2. Completely organize my desktop/Dropbox (and indeed everything digital), especially documents. I made a lot of progress on this a couple of days ago.

3. Completely clear away my papers.

4. Carry my Little Red Notebook all the time, adding things to it (as I did today). Moreover, tag items on the spot as ‘next action’, ‘project’, ‘calendar’, etc. Then spend at least 10 minutes each night finishing the organizing / transferring to digital lists.

5. Systematically gather Actions to do later that day, recording in my To Do / Done / Improvement made framework (that I’ve failed to use lately).

6. Fill out all my lists and folders. Spend as many hours as necessary brainstorming all projects, e.g. SHIFT projects, mostly by sifting through documents and emails.

Note 1: Ruthlessly pare down on projects and actions to work on (after this GTD-week).

Note 2: Read some GTD articles for ideas. Namely, Kip’s, 3 ZenHabits, 1 or 2 of Scott’s.

Note 3: Remember to focus on (1) commitments (what they are), (2) outcomes, and (3) next actions.

Tuesday update: (Wednesday morning) Focused on Gmail. 1st lesson: Archive is your friend. After retrieving some next actions, projects, etc., doing some actions, and sorting I still have a small pile of emails to deal with (today). In fact, it would only have been possible to deal with my entire email in one day / a couple of hours because I had < 500 emails, because I’ve dealt with it before–but never in so complete and systematic a way. Another handy tip: create a filter to eliminate persistent unwanted messages. I now have no emails except what appears in four folders: tickler file, reading list, reference, and next actions. The rest are archived or deleted.

Friday update: This is weird, but…   I seem to be missing a day. I literally cannot remember what happened to my tuesday… or was it wednesday? Anyway, I’m extending this to project to Saturday/tomorrow and will give a full update then. Or maybe in the weekly review which I’ll do Sunday. Saturday update: since I’ll be writing about my weekly goals in my weekly review post, I’ll postpone until tomorrow.

Non-GTD Goals Tue-Fri (minimal):

Plan and announce a SHIFT meeting.

Write a UFT blog post. Also, bug people with the goal of getting 1 other up this week.

Read 2 + chapters of Self-Directed Behavior.

Plan one social event and invite friends.

Watch. Me. Win.

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