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First Weekly Review

I’m going to make a tradition, on my blog, of writing a weekly review each week. Today was my first weekly review.

This is what I hope to do in the future

An abbreviated version is available here (#4), a post from a few days ago where I began to solidify the idea. This is the complete list, in order of when to do it:

  1. Cleaning — laundry, laptop, bathroom, bedroom, vacuum floor
  2. Purging — emails, computer documents, papers
  3. GTD Catch-up–only if necessary (collect, then later process+organize)
  4. Review: GTD — all lists/folders+calendar
  5. Review: long-term goals  (not all my long-term goals, I’m starting with just a few, medium-term goals) 
  6. Review last week’s goals (did I get them done?)
  7. Review: progress or updates in areas of my life — social, intellectual, productivity, creative (I plan on starting with just these four)
  8. Come up with goals for the next week
  9. Run errands (at least buy food, and try to save up errands for today)
  10. Write the day’s blog post summarizing some of my reviewing
I plan on setting aside each Saturday just for this. The whole thing will probably take, including breaks, 7-8 hours {estimates per item, 1-9: 1:30, :30, 1:00, :20, :10, :30, :45, :30, 2:00, :30} Then the rest of the day will be spent reading and, hopefully, hanging out with friends.

This is all I did today, the first time

Be forewarned: this part is messy, I’m afraid :/ My computer will shut off shortly (a self-imposed curfew), so I don’t have time to make it nicer this time.

I cleaned up everything; my bathroom had been needing it :/ I purged ~100 emails, and some computer documents. Didn’t touch the papers though. Did not take the time to think up everything that could be a project or action for GTD….   I know that can take hours (I’ve already tried it), so I’ll have to do a little bit each day. Did review my GTD lists, but they’re very incomplete right now. I’m happy that I started using the calendar, though, adding this weekend’s weekly review and gym and piano-improvisation (the latter two for Sunday morning).

I don’t have any long-term goals formulated, so I came up with a few*. I did not review progress or developments in the areas of my life, and I had no weekly goals to evaluate. Coming up with weekly goals is something I just came up with a few minutes ago and I haven’t done it, so I’m planning on it tomorrow evening. I bought myself food (the only errand). And I finished writing this. Overall self-evaluation: a very, very lazy day, and highly incomplete weekly-review process…..   but overall I’m more happy than not, because it’s my first time. (And thinking over my projects made me more aware of them, in some case things I’d already forgotten about.


As a sort of afterthought, here is a copy-and-paste of my first few long-term goals. I have no reason to hide them, and perhaps they will give you ideas for your life or for mine.

1. Get organized

– Use GTD completely

– Have weekly and daily goals and weekly review covering life areas

– Put daily goals as well as ‘Done’ and ‘Improvement made’ (& GTD:Collect items) in Little Notebook

– Ensure that “minimum standards” items like going to the gym and piano improvisation get scheduled–and happen–as well

2. Make UtahFreethinkers big

– maintain a frequent posting rate by multiple authors

– thus leading to significant presence: large in Utah and known elsewhere in USA

3. Make my personal blog

– write for it every day

– aim for 25+ visits/day and 1+ comment/post

4. Hang out socially a lot more

– Including dating, 3-4 meetings/week (incl. clubs) is good.

5. More specifically try dating

– through OKCupid. It will be fun to meet new people, even more so in this context.

– ??

5.  A few other self-improvement projects (needing further clarification)

– Reading better and faster

– Behavior modification experiments

– Setting successful goals, making successful habits

– Rejection ‘therapy’ – ?

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