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Watch out for vampires!

Some people are energy vampires.

They suck the energy out of you, the aliveness in your eyes glazing over in the grayer world that you have just entered.

You can identify such people by noticing, for example, when you feel noticeably less excited or more lazy. Energy vampires are not (necessarily) evil–often they aren’t even being critical. At the very least, though, they are apathetic, stuck in a cycle of fear.

We’ve all been there. Some stay there. The most depressed and hopeless are the worst. No, make that the second-worst. The worst are those who never give – those whom you care about who do not care about you. Children often fall into that category.

Whenever possible, cut ties with energy vampires. It’s a shame not to help people in need. In this post, though, my thoughts are on those who are too far gone; you need to consider your own well-being, too.

Have I just assumed the existence of some interesting concept (“energy vampires”) without demonstrating it? Yes, yes I have. I’m having fun today.

Psychologists have this construct called “self-efficacy”. Basically, it’s a measure of how much you believe you can do some (any given) particular thing. I hypothesize that there is a high positive correlation between low self-efficacy and being an energy vampire, though I don’t know how to test it, the latter being too vague (at the moment). Interestingly, like many things, there’s a feedback loop: the way you realize you can do something is by doing something, which becomes less likely if you don’t believe you can.

Do I believe some people are more conscious than others? I am sure of it.

Some people are more self-aware, and… more alive. If you like reading blogs like mine, it’s fair to bet you’re more conscious than others. But not necessarily that much more conscious, all else equal. Here I recall my own experience reading, reading, reading blogs, instead of writing (or, at this stage, simply deciding to write; deciding to write, as part of a set of decisions, has already upgraded my life).

One of the biggest problems is the idea that you should “be yourself”, at least when it’s taken in the sense that your current personality is sacrosanct and can’t change. That would mean that you change; what a shocking idea! Unacceptable, even.

But like other shocking ideas–like the idea that it is far more useful to analyze your behavior and others’ in terms of behavior modification principles or lack of skill, rather than as a lack of willpower or deficiency in personality–it seems to be powerful knowledge. But that’s for another day 😉

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