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I shall write music every day

For a long time, I’ve wanted to start composing music. I’ve been improvising for quite some time–though I admit my talent at even that is limited.

The goal today–and every day–is to write a very simple song, on the order of 30 seconds. That may not sound like much, but I hope to become familiar with the skill(s) of songwriting and scale up later. It’s so, so much more than just improvisation–you need to have (more) coherence and unity, and be able to process and perform lyrics and music together.

My initial frustration with songwriting is restraining myself, channeling the unbridled creativity of improvisation into something stricter. So many times–even in this short song–did I want to change things, just a little, because it was obvious to me how to make it sound a little better. But the problem is that if I do so, complexity grows–very, very quickly. And I don’t have the ability to cope with that if I hope to remember how to perform the song a second (or third, fourth, etc) time.

The lyrics took 10 minutes, plus a few edits. Coming up with the music wasn’t hard either. It’s recording it that’s hard, right now anyway. In the end, I decided I just don’t have the time to make it better than it is, but here’s the link:


Here is it is again; click on this text to hear it.

This first one is about 1 minute. (Too long! I can only handle 30 seconds for awhile.) First I wrote the lyrics, then the musical pieces of the song on the piano, then got out my electronic keyboard and started figuring shit out (it’s been awhile and I haven’t much used it).


Humans are so small

And the stars

So big

So big /

Try to imagine

You can’t

Imagine a star //

But yet…. //

Humans are so big


To a mouse – or an ant – or a bacterium //

But we can’t be big to a bacterium

Because it’s not like anything to be a bacterium…

Unless! //

Everything is conscious

Everything is alive

‘Hey bro, high five!’

You say to your hard drive. //

Except you don’t.

Because it’s not a-liiivvee. //

…. Right? ///

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